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On some vehicles that lower limit is 0. In simple terms, the throttle position sensor is used to determine what position the throttle is at. A P0122 Nissan code means that the the car’ s computer has detected that the TPS ( throttle position sensor) is reporting too low a voltage. Welcome to Honda Odyssey Forum : Odyssey Minivan Forums - a website dedicated to all things Honda Odyssey. You are currently viewing our forum as a guest, which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. · Anyone else experienced the problem CEL / TCS w/ P0122 aka bad TPS sensor? code is On; HTML code is Off;. com Lamborghini- Talk. kia sorento with code p0700, p0122. with code p0700, p0122, pPontiac Grand Prix. in/ / 02/ error- code- p0402- on- ford- escape. Diagnostic Trouble Code ( DTC) P0122 Throttle Position Sensor Low Voltage. Diagnostic Trouble Code ( DTC) P0122. Throttle Position Sensor Low Voltage.

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    Detailed information on how to diagnose and fix a check engine light code P0122. P0122 Throttle Position Sensor/ Switch A Circuit. Jeep, Toyota, VW, Chevy, Ford. Yes, hard to say why you are having so many issues, perhaps you just got a bad one. Are you sure the sensor is the code? have you gone down through the steps to eliminate other possibilities? We recommend Torque Pro. The throttle position sensor ( TPS) is located on the throttle body. It is a type of variable resistor which changes its resistance value according to throttle position. P0193 is a diagnostic trouble code ( DTC) for " Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit High Input". This can happen for multiple reasons and a mechanic needs to diagnose the specific cause for this code to be triggered in your situation. Code P0122 is a TPS ( Throttle Position Sensor) sensor out of range. The operating range of the TPS is about. 5 at half throttle and 4. 8 at full throttle.

    This can be checked easily with a scanner. Reparación de falla por codigos P0122 y123. Alto consumo de combustible, RPM` s por arriba de en baja o ralenti. Debido a falla en sensor TPS. Diagnostico de falla y reparación. Trouble Code: Sample Definition *. 0300, 09, 46, C1504, P0011, P0016, P0021, P0100, P0122, P0171, P0172, P0175, P0201. 1995 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4. · The check engine light came on in my rubicon. I scanned the code and it came up p0122, which is throtle body sensor/ switch. The light when off.

    · Possible Causes and Repair Information for P0122 Kia code. Learn what does P0122 Kia means? P0122 Kia Throttle/ Pedal Position Sensor ' A. · Reparación de falla por codigos P0122 y123. P0122 ISUZU - Throttle Position Sensor 1 Circuit Low Voltage is the common definition for the P0122 ISUZU OBDII Code. But your cars' s manufacturer may have a other. Kia Check Engine Light Codes. Welcome to the Kia Check Engine Light codes page. Below you will find the most complete list of Kia trouble codes available. OBDII/ EOBD diagnostics trouble codes definition. If your car supports OBD II or EOBD, then you can already use almost 5000 generic OBDII codes.

    These codes are from PowerTrain series ( P0XXX, P2XXX, P34XX), Body Series ( B0XXX), Chassis series ( C0XXX), Network series ( U0XXX, U2XXX, U3XXX). P0122 Ford Description The throttle position sensor responds to the accelerator pedal movement. This sensor is a kind of potentiometer which transforms the throttle position into output voltage, and emits the voltage signal to the Engine Control Module ( ). P0122 KIA - Throttle/ Pedal Position Sensor ' A' Circuit Low Input is the common definition for the P0122 KIA OBDII Code. It could be a bad coul. Or bad o2 sensor. What kind of codes are u getting. If not getting a p0050 or p0155 it' s not o2 sensor. Another cause could be a bad ignition control module. But your cars' s manufacturer may have a other specification for the P0122 KIA code. Step 1 - Once a check engine or service engine soon light has determined a lean engine code has materialized, a repair procedure inspection is needed.

    Explanation: A lean code is enabled when the computer has detected enrichment adjustments have maxed out, with no results, this inability triggers the lean code. The trouble code # P1120 means: Throttle motor position sensor 1- Circuit malfunction Answer Major auto parts chain told me my TSP ( Throttle position sensor) was bad due to the Check Engine Llight. Detailed diagnostic and repair information on check engine light code P0123 which. P0123 Throttle Position Sensor/ Switch A Circuit. The P1405 engine code indicates a faulty differential pressure feedback sensor on the Ford Vehicle, according to Engine- Codes. This sensor monitors the exhaust gas recirculation tube pressure. HAVE A KIA SEDONA WITH CODE P0122 THROTTLE PEDAL POSITION SENSOR- A CIRCUIT LOW. WHERE IS THIS SWITCH? - Answered by a verified Kia Mechanic. Ford Escape Fuel and Propulsion System Consumer Complaints Details.