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CallableStatement lack direct support for handling ResultSets as output parameters. The exception, java. SQLException: ResultSet is closed means that your code has either already closed the result set object you' re using, or more likely, that your code has either re- executed or closed the statement that produced the result set. Need to use java. Get the best Java code. When two numeric fields are directly adjacent with no. Scheduler instances are produced. This week' s book giveaway is in the Artificial Intelligence forum. We' re giving away four copies of Pragmatic AI and have Noah Gift on- line! See this thread for details. I am posting some simple code which should get a ResultSet from a CallableStatement object using the executeQuery( ) Method. It is returning " No RsultSet was produced" If I modify the code and simply output the CallableableStatement using its executeUpdate( ) then getString( ) methods it works fine. Hi, what can cause this exception : " java. SQLException: [ Microsoft] [ SQLServer Driver for JDBC] No ResultSet set was produced. Stored Procedure Error, " No ResultSet was produced" 8438, 1: 27 PM Hi All I have written code in Java ie CLASS file.

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    But my DBase is SQL. SQLException: Operation not allowed after ResultSet. ResultSet Error java. UnmarshalException. No ResultSet was produced? Receiving message when starting cdc instance or creating cdc instance : No ResultSet set was produced. IBM Infosphere Change Data Capture will not be able to servce as a source. No ResultSet set was produced Exception using executeQuery. with a no- code business. Exception message text contains " No ResultSet set was produced. the code from java is :. No ResultSet set was produced. Hi, The driver support the temp tables.

    JDBC Error : No ResultSet produced. Common Error Messages JDK. contains non- Java library codes ( in filetype of ". Cannot compile ERROR MESSAGE: error: iostream: No such file or directory. I have this test program that works fine but it always pulls out a java. SQLException: No ResultSet was produced Exception. All the program does is. SQLException Methods. For a JDBC driver error, no useful information is returned from this method. For a database error, the five- digit XOPEN SQLstate code is. One error is that if ResultSet. SALARY FROM EMPLOYEES WHERE EMP_ NO =? as shown in the following code fragment, where rs is a ResultSet.

    Sets the limit for the maximum number of bytes that can be returned for character and binary column values in a ResultSet object produced by this Statement object. This limit applies only to BINARY, VARBINARY, LONGVARBINARY, CHAR, VARCHAR, NCHAR, NVARCHAR, LONGNVARCHAR and LONGVARCHAR fields. throws an exception " No. " No ResultSet was produced. * SQLException if a database access error occurs * / public java. · The code makes use of a. No ResultSet was produced. for example backup or some data integrity checks. it used to give this error. if we take the sql. JDBC ResultSet no results? it would end up in a nice error page in. file put in class path then make compile. some sample code here ResultSet res. In this case it' s the net.

    that return a ResultSet,. associates native error numbers with SQL state codes. A table of data representing a database result set, which is usually generated by executing a statement that queries the database. A ResultSet object maintains a cursor pointing to its current row of data. i m inserting a tuple in my oracle database connected through jdbc odbc driver. now when i insert it gives me java. SQLException : No ResultSet was produced. A ResultSet object maintains a. Show us a bit of code please; to me it makes sense that no ResultSet was produced because you deleted a record ( which worked as you wrote) but I suspect you still want to do something with that ( non- existent) ResultSet. Problem( Abstract) You are unable to create a subscription with SQL Server source because of a problem with Distribution database ( " No ResultSet set was produced" ). I Got the exception No ResultSet set was produced, while i run the nested store procedure. Actually class is very lengthy. Following code throws the error. Exception in thread " main" java. RuntimeException: java.

    SQLException: No ResultSet was produced that' s what is says – Katherine Oct 21 ' 12 at 2: 37 Do you have any kind of constraints in the DB / table. because if the Query threw an error, there is no resultset produced. Releases this ResultSet' s database and JDBC resources. You are strongly advised to use this method rather than relying on the release being done when the ResultSet' s finalize method is called during garbage collection process. 43: Re: While Sql Delete Query Sql Exception ' No Resultset Was Produced' Gener zj. * an integer error code that is specific to each vendor. Hi I' m trying to insert values into an access database but whenever I execute my query I get the Error message No ResultSet was produced. tejasvee1234, If I remember correctly, when the executeQuery( ) method works on an INSERT statement, it doesn' t produce a result set, as there are no values generated. Try using the execute( ) method, instead. executeQuery( ) & exception: " No results were returned by the query. > > to do code that works for even unknown drivers. Error: ResultSet was not produced.

    This is the code I' m using to isert record in SQL but it produced the " ResultSet error not produced" and. SQL statement for inserting values into variables. Download MariaDB and start working immediately! You can also get subscription details and learn more about the advantages of MariaDB' s additional service offers. The SQL error code is ' 0'. The SQL state is: HY00. The error message is: [ CDC] [ SQLServer JDBC Driver] No ResultSet set was produced. SQLException: Exhausted Resultset coderanch. Hi All, In my operation I am having 11 threads that have their own Result Set object to process. When I access my these Result Set objects after some time I get SQLException: Exhausted Resultset from all the 11 threads. In a previous piece of code I received the exact same error I listed in the.